The following abbreviations are found in various the J.D. Power Valuation Services print, software and online products. If we have omitted any or you have additional questions, please e-mail us at

2WD: Two Wheel Drive

3 Cyl.: Three Cylinder Engine

4 Cyl.: Four Cylinder Engine

4 Spd.: Four Speed Manual Transmission

4WD: Four Wheel Drive

5 Cyl.: Five Cylinder Engine

5 Spd.: Five Speed Manual Transmission

6 Cyl.: Six Cylinder Engine

6 Spd.: Six Speed Manual Transmission

AC: Air Conditioning

AT: Automatic Transmission

AWD: All Wheel Drive

BBC: Bumper to Back of the Cab

B&S: Bore & Stroke

BHP: Brake Horsepower

Ch & Cab: Chassis & Cab

C.I.D.: Cubic Inch Displacement

DRW: Dual Rear Wheels

Ex.: Except

FWD: Front Wheel Drive

GCW: Gross Combined Weight

GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight

HD: Heavy Duty (truck)

I6: Inline Six Cylinder Engine

L4: Four Cylinder Engine

LD: Light Duty (truck)

M.S.R.P.: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

PS: Power Steering

Quad 4: Four Cylinder Engine

RWD: Rear Wheel Drive

Std: Standard

Tax HP: Taxable Horsepower

V6: "V" Configured Six Cylinder Engine

V8: "V" Configured Eight Cylinder Engine

V10: "V" Configured Ten Cylinder Engine

V12: "V" Configured Twelve Cylinder Engine

W.B.: Wheelbase