Lender Advantage

Getting ahead is going to get harder, but Lender Advantage is here to help. Our team of experts provides a full suite of vehicle analysis services that put you in the fast lane so you can keep up with marketplace changes.

The Full Suite of Vehicle Analysis Services

Lender Advantage brings you the data and insight you need to make more informed business decisions, better manage portfolio performance and increase profitability. Select from the following services:

  • Vehicle Risk Analysis
    Vehicle characteristics impact loan risk as much as the borrower’s credit history. We can help you:
    o    Manage risk and capitalize on opportunities present by weaker- and stronger-performing vehicles relative to MSRP
    o    Gain a more precise understanding of vehicle risk so you can fine-tune used vehicle loan terms, drive business growth and minimize future losses
    o    Estimate probability of default based on equity position
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  • Remarketing Planning
    Staying on top of changing wholesale market conditions is the key to remarketing success. We can help you:
    o    Set realistic asking prices using up-to-date market data
    o    Optimize returns by planning around seasonal factors and supply volatility
    o    Assess internal performance versus competitive benchmarks
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  • Portfolio Analysis
    Understanding the value of your portfolio today and in the future is critical to developing plans for continued success. We can help you:
    o    Improve the way you perform financial analysis, create reserve accounts (for captive finance companies) or assess portfolio strategies 
    o    Monitor equity position based on loan parameters and current / forecasted prices
    o    Identify over- and underperforming segments, brands, models and vehicles  
    o    Estimate default probabilities and loss severity
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  • Stress Testing
    It would be great if the market never changed, but we all know it does — sometimes drastically. We can help you:
    o    Evaluate portfolio performance under hypothetical economic and market scenarios
    o    Identify the factors most stressful to segments or certain vehicle types
    o    Estimate default probabilities and loss severity
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Data and Insight to Fit Your Needs

Depending on your needs and the services you select, we can provide you with:
•    Our Used Vehicle Price Forecast
•    Our Vehicle Risk Score
•    Aggregated wholesale data
•    Tailored portfolio analysis
•    Scenario simulations
•    And more
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