NADA Values Online

Recently Added: Get weekly values with every lookup that reflects the current accurate state of the vehicle in these unprecedented times. Thank you for being a valued customer and we want to let you know we are here for your business needs with up to date weekly insights into the automotive industry. We are working around the clock to gather data continuously on all vehicles to get the most accurate and precise valuations to better serve your immediate needs.

NEW FEATURE!  Try the VIN Based Option feature that identifies vehicle trim level and options not found in our standard VIN decode, providing a more precise and accurate vehicle valuation. VIN Based Option is now available in the Used Cars/Trucks guidebook.

Insight is everything, especially when it comes to accurate vehicle valuation. That’s why NADA Values Online has powerful features that make it easier than ever to see all sides of every vehicle’s story, such as New Vehicle Values, inventory valuation, vehicle valuation trends and custom reporting.

NADA Values Online combines the trusted values of 10 guidebooks in one convenient resource. Plus, it’s web-based, which means there’s no software to install and your entire staff can use it at the same time, without the need for additional user licenses.

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Powerful features:


  • NEW! VIN Based Option identifies VIN specific vehicle options not found with the standard VIN decode to provide a more precise and accurate valuation
  • New Vehicle Values for new vehicle pricing
  • Inventory valuation for saving and easily updating vehicle valuations
  • Vehicle valuation trends for quick insight into wholesale and retail transactions
  • Custom reporting that lets you select the data that best fits the deal
  • Typically equipped MSRP values for practical value comparisons

Download the UCG VIN Scanner:


All this, in addition to quick access to a full suite of NADA Values:

  • New Vehicle Values (Low, Average and High)
    Updated weekly
    Representing what a new vehicle is worth in the marketplace, based on actual market transactions and market influencers
  • Auction Values (Low, Average and High)
    Updated weekly
    Representing recent price action for used cars and light-duty trucks at wholesale auction
  • Trade-In Values (Rough, Average and Clean Condition-Based Values)
    Updated monthly
    Representing the typical price for a vehicle at trade-in
  • Clean Loan Value
    Updated Monthly
    Representing the potential amount of credit that may be obtained on a vehicle
  • Clean Retail Value
    Updated Monthly
    Representing the typical selling price for a vehicle
    Includes Certified Pre-Owned Valuation when applicable
  • 10 guidebooks in one, including values for:
    • New vehicles
    • Used passenger cars and light-duty trucks
    • Motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and personal watercraft
    • Recreation vehicles
    • Commercial Trucks
    • Classic, collectible, exotic and muscle cars
    • Vintage, collective and retro motorcycles
    • Marine vehicles
    • Farm equipment (available for an additional access fee)
  • Ability to scan a VIN or select a specific make and model
  • Automatically calculated accessory and mileage options to ensure accurate valuations
  • Free integrated access with your vehicle history report subscription from Experian AutoCheck®*
  • Mobile web access and UCG VIN Scan app included free with subscription**
  • Access to all 10 NADA Used Car Guide regions so you can get localized data for your market (download region map PDF)
  • Subscriptions expire one year after account activation or when the block of valuations runs out - whichever happens first

*Separate subscription required.

**NADA Used Car Guide, now J.D. Power Valuation Services, supports most leading mobile devices.