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Get NADA Values data in the format you need for your business — whether it’s a .txt file or a spreadsheet we’ll populate for you. Use the data as reference, or integrate it directly into your databases and applications. Select from the list below to find the product that meets your needs.

Product Names Vehicles Delivery
VIN Batch Processing
Values for an entire portfolio of vehicles — returned to you in just five business days.
Passenger Cars, Commercial Trucks and Trailers, Light-duty Trucks, Motorcycles Data Files >>
New! VIN Batch Processing with Vehicle History Report (VHR) Adjusted Values
Adjusted values based on Vehicle History Report (VHR) key variables including natural hazard damage, type of ownership and accident history,
Passenger Cars, Light-duty Trucks Data Files >>
NADA Data Files with VIN Decoding
Current used vehicle transaction data with VIN decoding capabilities for determining NADA values.
Passenger Cars, Light-duty Trucks Data Files >>
AuctionNet Raw Data Files
Wholesale vehicle sales data representing more than 80% of the nation’s auction volume.
Passenger Cars, Light-duty Trucks, Auction Data Data Files >>