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Retail Pricing Stays the Course Going into April

24/03/2017 03:27 PM

Word of mouth remains moderately optimistic, but so far retail pricing results do not show any notable changes in pricing. Our three to five year-old group of sleeper tractors continues to trend lower year-over-year. Average pricing for this cohort in February was $62,480 - $3,430 (or 5.2%) lower than January. Average pricing for this group through the first two months of the year is $5,904 (or 8.4%) lower than the same period of last year. March’s pricing results are expected to be similar.

Average pricing by age was as follows:

3 year-old trucks: $76,839 - $1,529 (or 2.0%) lower than January

4 year-old trucks: $65,354 – $1,524 (or 2.3%) lower than January

5 year-old trucks: $45,247 - $7,237 (or 13.8%) lower than January

Individual makes and models generally lost more value than anticipated in February. We expect depreciation to relax in upcoming months, as pricing trends in the auction market cross over to the retail market.