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Retail Pricing Declined Mildly in November

The retail sleeper tractor market overall lost 5% of its value in November, with the benchmark 3-5 year-old group losing just under 3%. The average selling price of all sleeper tractors under 1,000,000 miles was $56,572 - $3,281 lower than October. 3-5 year-old trucks averaged $63,565 - $3,160 lower than October.

Volume was subdued in November, which is not unusual. The total number of sleeper tractors reported sold retail (after data cleaning and processing) was 433, which is 33% off the average monthly rate for 2015. Trucks of model year 2012 saw the most volume, at 101 – 23% of the total. That model year saw a price decline of just under 7% on average, with some models faring better than others.

With November’s retail pricing just mildly off October’s, we are assuming dealers are still holding inventory, waiting to see how the market will unfold in early 2016. November’s wholesale pricing will provide more insight. Stay tuned for result from that channel later this week.