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Older Trucks Showing Up in Greater Numbers at Auction

A substantial increase in the number of model-year 2013 and 2014 trucks sold in August meant there was a greater supply of lower-priced trucks available to the market. This increase may be due to the uptick in fleet bankruptcies and liquidations we’ve seen in the second half of the year. Newer trucks saw volumes similar to last month. Four-year-old trucks performed closer to expectations after an unusual July. See below for detail.

Model year 2016: $32,225 average; $14,275 (31.4%) lower than July

Model year 2015: $26,500 average; $300 (1.1%) lower than July

Model year 2014: $21,275 average; $2,975 (12.2%) lower than July

Model year 2013: $18,500 average; $600 (3.4%) higher than July

Model year 2012: $14,825 average; $675 (4.4%) lower than July

Model year 2011: $12,075 average; $2,925 (19.5%) lower than July

In the first 8 months of 2019, 4-6 year-old examples of our benchmark model brought 6.8% less money than in the same period of 2018. Monthly depreciation for 4-6 year-old trucks is averaging 2.5%, in line with expectations.

Stay tuned for the September edition of our Guidelines market report, out next week, which will include results from the retail channel as well as other segments.