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Medium Duty Conventionals Rebounded Mildly in June

31/07/2017 12:15 PM

Most medium duty conventional segments rebounded to an extent in June, with particular strength in the lighter-GVW segment.

Specifically, Class 4’s averaged $22,116 in June. This figure is $3,476 (18.6%) higher than May, and $2,722 (14.0%) higher than June 2016. Class 6’s continue to underperform Class 4’s, averaging $17,421 in June. This figure is $2,220 (14.5%) higher than May, but $714 (or 3.9%) lower than June 2016.

In the first half of 2017, Class 4 trucks lost only 1.1% of their value each month. While strong, this figure is slightly behind the same period of 2016, in which trucks were essentially flat over this period. Class 4 trucks in our benchmark age group averaged 3.9% higher pricing in the first half of this year.

Class 6’s lost a substantial 4.6% of their value each month this year, which is very similar to last year’s 4.7% over the same period. Class 6 trucks in our benchmark age group are running 9.3% behind 2016.

Volume for Class 4 was similar to last month, while volume for Class 6 was moderately higher than an unimpressive May. Demand should continue to incrementally improve in upcoming months for trucks of all GVW classes, based on general macroeconomic trends.