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Our Newest Team Member and What to Expect in 2015


The sound of an inline-six engine.

Signing the title of ownership.

The cadence of an auctioneer’s voice.

I get goose bumps each time I get to experience any of the above, or help others realize those experiences as well.

For those reasons—and several business-focused ones on my resume—I find myself being one of the lucky members of the automotive industry who gets to contribute regularly to this blog.

Before joining the NADA Used Car Guide, I wrote automotive content for The Fast Lane Car, AARP and a couple of other gear-oriented outlets, all the while developing new digital content strategies for Fortune 50 clients.

But enough about me.

One of the most exciting things about the content plans we have for 2015 is the editorial direction the blog will take, along with our social media communities. With a focus on how vehicles weather the valuation storm, you’ll find regular reviews of new model year vehicles by NADA Used Car Guide staff. We’re changing the format of our Industry Update reports on YouTube, and we’ll be providing fresh, compelling photography of the latest vehicles. If that weren't enough, we’ll be publishing more regularly, providing more vehicle value data with insights to make your next buying or selling decision, and engaging with you in real-time.

So … get ready, buckle up, and get ready to join the automotive conversation!