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2016 Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic

09/05/2016 04:07 PM


Small CUV With Mansion-Sized Performance

Crossover utility vehicles — also known as CUVs — continue to sell extremely well in the new vehicle U.S. market. Buyers like them for their elevated seating position, cargo capacity and less SUV-like handling characteristics. It’s that third characteristic that keeps many driving enthusiasts from signing a sales contract. While they don’t have lumbering suspensions like a traditional SUV, CUVs don’t handle like an athletic sports car, either. Land Rover, however, has a solution for that conundrum.

The Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic model (MSRP $53,775 plus $995 destination fee), adds to the very short list of small luxury CUVs capable of changing their ride handling characteristics on the fly (see Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG or Porsche Macan S for comparison). The ability to press a button and have the suspension firm up and steering grow taunt comes standard on the HSE Dynamic trim level. In the Benz and Porsche, the functionality comes in the form of separate, costly packages.


There is only one engine — a 2.0-liter 240 horsepower mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission — offered in all Evoque models. For driving enthusiasts who want the maximum amount of performance bits, the optional Black Design Package ($3,500) can be selected to enhance the HSE Dynamic’s sporty attributes. The 20-inch satin black alloy wheels and rear Aero Flip spoiler supplement the eager attitude of the vehicle when put in Sport driving mode. The package also does a visual enhancement to the crossover by giving the front fog and headlamps a “smoke” finish, along with a clear finish to the tail lamps.

Every new vehicle becomes used after only a few miles of ownership, and that is how cost-conscious enthusiasts can get a “discounted” price on Land Rover’s diminutive boulevard bomber — if they are willing to wait.

NADA Used Car Guide Value Retention

In regards to 3-year value retention, the Range Rover Evoque sits in second place out of nine within the luxury compact utlilty vehicle segment. By retaining 59% of its value, the athletic vehicle beat its segment average of 55%.

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