residual values

Residual Value All-Stars: Luxury Vehicles

Vehicles that retain a strong residual value offer an unmistakable benefit to automakers and consumers alike. Such models allow for a competitive cost of ownership and leasing advantage, with some being better values when it comes to leasing.

One of the biggest factors in the total cost of a lease is the vehicle's residual value. This is especially important on the luxury side of the market because leasing tends to be more popular in this sector than on the mass market side.

Residual Value All-Stars: Mass-market

Vehicles that maintain high residual/resale values deliver unmistakable benefits to all segments of the automotive ecosystem.

Stronger values give manufacturers the ability to offer the market a competitive total cost of ownership advantage that can have a tangible effect on consumers and dealers alike. But what vehicles have the best residual values today?

Which ones, among the mass market brands, are at the top?