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COVID-19 Update Report- Direct to Dealer

04/05/2020 01:57 PM

Our analysis of how direct-to-dealer wholesale prices have performed since the start of the virus situation. 

Compared to wholesale auction prices over the same period, reveals that direct to dealer / upstream wholesale prices have held up far better than prices at physical wholesale auctions. For the week ending April 26, direct-to-dealer wholesale prices were down around 6% versus the beginning of March, a relatively small decrease when compared to the 14% decline recorded for wholesale auction prices over the same period.

The Economy Has Begun to Reopen, What Does This Mean for Used Trucks?

May 1 marks the first milestone in the very gradual reopening of the American economy. Many states have slightly dialed back the most stringent restrictions on business and public activity, cracking open the door for increased commerce. What does this mean for the used truck market?