Professionals across many varied industries depend on J.D. Power Valuation Services, formerly NADA Used Car Guide, for the information they need to make business decisions about used vehicles every day. Because our values are unbiased, everyone from dealers to credit unions and banks, governments to insurance companies, lawyers to manufacturers and rental agencies, looks to us as the vehicle valuation authority. They can get every value they need — auction, retail, trade-in and loan — everywhere they need them.


Our customers use NADA Values for different purposes, depending on their area of work.

  • Finance — Lenders, business analysts and others use NADA Values for vehicle loan origination, loan underwriting, funding, repossession, floor planning, portfolio management, portfolio acquisition and more.
  • Government — State administrators use NADA Values to assess taxes on vehicles. Federal officials in the Department of Justice and the FBI use the values for asset / forfeiture purposes, while the Social Security Administration uses them to determine benefits. And state Departments of Motor Vehicles use NADA Values to determine the actual cash value for a specific time period regarding a bill of sale.
  • Insurance — Appraisers, claims adjusters and agents use NADA Values for underwriting and policies, as well as to estimate claim total loss, threshold and reserve amounts.
  • Dealers — Buyers, managers and principals use NADA Values for pricing inventory, assessing customer trade-ins, making decisions at auction, setting asking prices and for paperwork in the F&I department.
  • OEMs / Captive Finance OEM Remarketing Managers use NADA Values to assess the value of their fleet and for pricing off-lease vehicles.  Captive Finance Risk Managers use NADA Values for loan origination, loan underwriting, funding, etc.

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