J.D. Power Valuation Services, formerly NADA Used Car Guide, has been a leading force in the automotive industry since the early 1900s. We’ve seen the industry through waves of growth, innovation, legislation, war and recession. After nearly a century spent collecting and analyzing vehicle values, we have built the largest database of automotive transactions and gained the most far-reaching marketplace knowledge. This legacy of information and expertise forms the foundation on which we publish every value. Our rich history is also part of the reason why NADA Values are so accurate and trusted.

We’ve always made efforts to keep our values unbiased, but NADA Used Car Guide did have to heavily rely on dealership data in the early years. At our start in the 1930's, vehicle manufacturers began encouraging dealers to provide us with sales figures. We also began making supplemental checks of data authenticity, and solicited statisticians and economists to confirm the soundness of our analysis methods. As data input methods advanced with the advent of computers and the internet, we continued to focus on accuracy, as we still do today.


NADA Used Car Guide Through the Years


  • 1933: U.S. government determines that existing used car guides are biased and asks NADA to publish the NADA Official Used Car Guide (NADA Guide) as part of the National Industrial Recovery Act
  • 1946: NADA Used Car Guide subscriptions jump from 28,000 to 50,000 because of increased interest in used vehicles
  • 2006: NADA Used Car Guide names Michael J. Stanton, Jr. V.P. & C.O.O.
  • 2007: NADA Used Car Guide adds cutting edge analytics tool and more values to its' product line up
  • 2010: NADA Online & NADA AppraisalPRO optimized for Smartphones
  • 2011: NADA Used Car Guide adds VIN Scanner app to its mobile products
  • 2013: NADA Used Car Guide celebrates 80 years of service
  • 2015: J.D. Power Announces Agreement to Acquire NADA Used Car Guide from the National Automobile Dealers Association


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