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There is way more than meets the eye when it comes to understanding the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) environment. As we reach the halfway point of 2019, a basic analysis of the CPO market shows a solid -- if unremarkable -- performance.

Ford’s Explorer helped launch the ascension of SUVs back in the early 1990s and has been the industry’s best-selling Midsize SUV for nearly a decade.

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The disruptions to the auction and retail markets in the past month have resulted in unexpected price movements. In response, we are taking the unprecedented step of revising values for the April time period.
Looking at auction activity through the first half of the month, sales volume and pricing performed better than expected. Volume will probably end up similar to February, which was the last pre-virus month.
Updated April Valuations

Guidebook Values

J.D. Power Valuation Services will be publishing updated April Used Car and Commercial Truck Guide values, which were originally delivered on 20th March, 2020. The new April values have been posted on March 30th.

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